Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boycott Simon Properties!

Leftists are thugs. There is no other word for them. I recently learned that the long-planned July 4th Atlanta Tea Party was forced at the last minute to cancel their long-planned July 4th protest. Simon Properties, owner of the Gwinnett Place Mall, whose property is adjacent to the privately owned lot planned for the event, used clout embedded in easement agreements to shut it down.

This event was organized in March, giving the mall management plenty of time to object. They could have informed organizers months ago and provided them enough time to find a new location. Instead they waited until now.

The owners of Simon Properties, Melvin and Bren Simon, are well-known liberal Democrats who provided huge donations to many prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Given the timing of their move, this smacks of political sabotage. I sent them a blistering e-mail demanding they allow the event to go on.

American Thinker has a comprehensive run down on the whole issue.

I am calling for a full-fledged boycott of all businesses located in any Simon Properties retail center anywhere in the country. Here is a link to all Simon properties. Each property provides a link to the stores within it.

I will also be contacting the major anchor stores located at Simon Properties and alerting them to the boycott so they can communicate their feelings about it to Simon.

Please urge everyone you know to participate in this boycott. Please contact Simon Properties to express your outrage and urge those of your friends who care about freedom to do the same. Following is the contact information for Gwinnett Place Mall and a form letter you can use in whole or in part if you wish.

Gwinnett Place Mall Manager: Derrick Brown
Mall Phone: 770-476-5160
Simon Properties E-mail Form

Form letter:

To the Owners and Managers of Simon Properties:

It has come to my attention that the Gwinnett Place Mall used its clout to shut down the Atlanta Tea Party planned for an adjacent location, with only days remaining before the event. Why did you not alert the organizers sooner so they could find an alternate?

Given Simon's generous support to prominent, leftwing politicians, I believe this last minute change was deliberate political sabotage aimed at stifling the Tea Party's message.

I am hereby informing you that if you do not let this Tea Party proceed, I will cease to do business with any company leasing space in any Simon Property anywhere in the U.S. and will be urging everyone I know to do the same. I will be e-mailing every person on my contact list and urging them to forward the e-mail to every single person they know. I will be contacting my local radio and television stations and demanding they cover this newsworthy matter.

You should be hearing from a few million of us shortly. Perhaps it will help you rethink your thuggery. If not, it may at least persuade some of your lessees to take their business elsewhere.

We will be contacting them too.