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By Richard Roberts
©Richard Roberts 6/7/09

After reading James Simpson’s expose of the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America, I contacted him and informed him of the Baran-Wallerstein strategy with a similar purpose, utilized by Russia and China. This article is the result of that conversation with him.

How Marxism prepared America for the coming Obamanation

My eight year newsletter began on 9/15/01 with a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Unholy War and Symbolic Terrorism.” When the Twin Towers were leveled on 9/11, there was much speculation in the media as to who the culprits might be, but if it had any intelligence on the perpetrators, the government was not saying. But neither the CIA nor the media are well-schooled when it comes to history. These excerpts from my letter identify the causes and the culprits for 9/11:

While the talking heads in the media speculate on the identity of the terrorist group responsible for the September 11, 2001 “Attack on America,” utterly lost upon them are the implications for the future of America implicit in the significance of the date of the attack. We are looking at a bloody future indeed, which the terrorists are symbolically telling us will not end until there is a Palestinian state, or that the land on which Israel stands is returned to Arab autonomy, thus my reference to “symbolical terrorism.” Although the attack may have had the blessing and the financial backing of Osama bin Laden, the “Black September” splinter group of Palestinian terrorists probably planned and carried out the attack. . . .

Without any hard evidence or intelligence to substantiate my theory, I base it solely upon the symbolical terrorism implicit in the date of the attack, and its relevance to other operations carried out in the past by Black September, and also by their modus operandi of plane hijackings. Let us begin with their origins in the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP), which on September 6, 1970, hijacked TWA and Swissair planes and diverted them to Dawson Field, some 30 miles from Amman, Jordan’s capitol. A week later, a Pan Am Boeing 747 was hijacked and blown up.

In September 1971, the PLO met in Damascus to set future policy. Although at the 1971 Damascus meeting, Arafat actively opposed terrorism under the umbrella of the PLO, members of the PFLP and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) then organized a new group, Black September, which contained their most radical elements. In November 1971, in Cairo Black September shot the Jordanian Prime Minister Wash Tel, and as he lay in a pool of blood, one of the assassins bent down and lapped up some of his blood, while shouting to astounded bystanders that he and his henchmen were “Black September!” Tel was in Cairo for an Arab League meeting, but thus did Black September declare to the world and Arabs in particular that murder and not negotiation would be their “solution” to the Palestinian Question. Most of the Arab world was even more appalled than the West. . .

But the worse their publicity, the better Black September likes it, and in September 1972, they got the attention of the whole world when they murdered eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Now in order to comprehend what sort of unmitigated barbarism we faced in the Attack on America, and we shall face in the future, the “symbolic terrorism” first has to be comprehended. On September 11, 1922, a British Mandate was declared in Palestine, over the objections of most Arabs. Part of this territory became the State of Israel. Fifty years later to the month, Black September killed the eleven Israeli athletes. On September 11, 2001, the Attack on America occurred. One needs to visualize the international members of Black September lapping up the blood of our thousands of victims to realize the relish they take in such terrorism, and also the enormity of the evil which we confront. [End of article to The Chronicle].

So immediately after 9/11 Marxists here and abroad were preparing us for the coming of the Obamanation, a world in which politically correct diplomacy would take precedence over preemption of terrorism. On 10/4/01, I again submitted an article on 9/11 to the Chronicle’s Open Forum. On Monday, 10/8/01, I opened the Chronicle to read an Open Forum article, “A Living Memorial,” published instead of my article, written by Charlene Spretnak, “co-founder of the Green Party of America.” The article depressed me acutely, for it made me aware that all my years of effort in writing this book are probably in vain, for the country is lost, lost to Marxist-Nihilism certainly, which is the result of our being unable to reason. We have become “feelings-based” animals, reacting with inappropriate emotional responses in this moment of national crisis which cries out for us to see the truth about our enemy through the fog of two generations of brainwashing.

Moreover, my depression was caused by the awareness that the Chronicle had the power to foist the Marxism in Spretnak’s article on tens of thousands of its readers, repeated of course in variation by other Leftist papers across America, while my own newsletter and this book, which demonstrably presents “the whole truth about the dangers we face,” would reach only a handful of readers.

But judge for yourselves. Here is the essence of the Spretnak “Open Forum,” but because it is so feelings-based, it is often difficult to comprehend where tenuous emotion leaves off and rationality begins. She desires “a living memorial” for the victims of September 11, but is disappointed that many “of my acquaintances have ‘moved on’ to the usual ‘rational’ ways of thinking and speaking about current issues, which seems [sic] disconnected from our deeper experience of late.”

Having said that in the first paragraph, she goes on to use the word “grounding,” twice with the adjective “deep” modifying it, and also modified by “profound,” and also as “the truth of a grounding deeper than emotion.” She wants to make “this new grounding our living memorial for the victims of September 11.”

So it was inevitable that I would confront editor Kazakoff on the phone as follows:

KAZAKOFF: I did receive your article, but it’s too sensational to publish.
ROBERTS: What’s sensational about it?
KAZAKOFF: Those references to “lapping up blood.”
ROBERTS: That’s what Black September did.
KAZAKOFF: Well, I can’t check all those things you say.
ROBERTS: You can find news stories about Black September by doing a search on the Internet.
KAZAKOFF: I know, but it’s too sensational. At this time, we want a more reasoned discussion.
ROBERTS: Well, I’m reading what you published today in Open Forum and it’s got all the Marxist arguments I warned about in my article. For example, we won’t be safe from terrorism “unless we recognize and address in some manner the various grievances of the Islamic populations. . . . [who] feel increasingly disempowered and helpless in relation to globalized economic domination by American corporations. . . .” That’s Marxism—blaming America for the terrorism.
KAZAKOFF: She’s not a Marxist. She founded the Green Party.
ROBERTS: Well, the language and party line are 100% Marxist.
KAZAKOFF: We want alternative viewpoints, but I can’t publish something as sensationalist as yours.
ROBERTS: You don’t think the manner in which the World Trade Building was taken down was sensational? That’s the whole truth of the enemy we face, and the sooner America wakes up to it, the better off we’ll be.

By now, these first two articles of which you have seen only brief excerpts, had gone out to friends as the start of a weekly newsletter. The third followed on 10/21/01, “Marxism’s and Islamism’s Promise of Paradise.”

The Attack on America may be the wake-up call we needed to prepare ourselves for further attacks by Marxist-Nihilism without and within. Then again, it may not! Marxist-Nihilism may be so ingrained in American minds after two generations of brainwashing in schools and universities, and by the media, that many of our people cannot hold in mind any thought other than America is to blame. Even in light of the attack, the Leftist media continues to disseminate that Marxist party line.

My conversation with Kazakoff of the Chronicle ended when I remarked that Spretnak’s Green Party words that America’s “corporate presence in their countries. . . . results in destructive and even murderous ideologies, now as always,” reflected exactly the thrust of bin Laden’s response to our attacks on Afghanistan, reprinted in its entirety that very same day. So whereas the Chronicle provided America’s greatest enemy with a forum, they shut out of the public “Open Forum” my criticism of bin Laden’s murderous Black September faction, and instead provided a forum for one who validated bin Laden’s “Hate America” vitriol, under the p.c. guise of “a living memorial.”

Meanwhile, back in the 1990s I had written “America Hijacked: How Marxist-Nihilism Infiltrated America.” In this unpublished book, I devoted a chapter to each group infiltrated by Marxism: The media, education, feminism, the Gay-Liberation movement, the Environmental movement, the Churches, etc. So the events that ensued after 9/11 demonstrated further the groundwork being laid for the coming of a closet Communist like Obama.

In March 2003 I discovered Lee Harris, who named the Baran-Wallerstein theory of America as “Eminent Evil” in an 11-page article.

Lee Harris cites two Marxists, Paul Baran and Immanuel Wallerstein, as advocates of the thesis that America has caused “global immiserization,” and thus names his theory after them. My role has been to rebut the thesis on my website, and to document in hundreds of newsletters since 2003 how Communism’s alliances with Islamofascism became the STRATEGY to destroy the West.

This originally created KGB doctrine of Blame America First has been spouted by Obama ever since he became President. Lest we forget, his first broadcast after attaining the Presidency was on Arab TV, and his popularity abroad can be directly attributed to his belief in the Baran-Wallerstein theory. In view of that, how could anyone doubt that he is a Communist? In order to rebut this theory, I set up in 2006 a website entitled “Suffering Fools Badly.”

I first mentioned him in my 3/23/03 newsletter “Confirmation of Worldwide Communist Conspiracy against America.” His first two paragraphs began as follows:

A specter haunts the world, and that specter is America. This is not the America discoverable in the pages of a world atlas, but a mythical America that is the target of the new form of anti-Americanism that Salman Rushdie, writing in the Guardian (February 6, 2002), says “is presently taking the world by storm” and that forms the subject of a Washington Post essay by Martin Kettle significantly entitled “U.S. Bashing: It’s All The Rage In Europe” (January 7, 2002). It is an America that Anatol Lieven assures us, in a recent article in the London Review of Books, is nothing less than “a menace to itself and to mankind” and that Noam Chomsky has repeatedly characterized as the world’s major terrorist state.

But above al it is the America that is responsible for the evils of the rest of the world. As Darius Fo, the winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize for literature, put it in a notorious post-September 11 email subsequently quoted in the New York Times (September 22, 2001): “The great speculators [of American capitalism] wallow in an economy that every years kills tens of millions of people with poverty [in the Third World]—so what is 20,000 dead in New York? Regardless of who carried out the massacre [of 9-11], this violence is the legitimate daughter of the culture of violence, hunger and inhumane exploitation.”

On 4/15/03, my weekly newsletter was entitled “The Secret Intelligence on Al-Qaim.”
A symposium in Dec. 2007 provided documentary proof of Sadaam’s missing WMDs.

FP: John Loftus, Dave Gaubatz and Ryan Mauro, welcome to Frontpage Symposium.

John Loftus, let us begin with you.

Your volunteers at the have been examining the secret documents captured from Saddam -- and it appears that they have solved a large part of the mystery of Saddam’s missing WMDs. Correct?

Loftus: Yes, now the truth is beginning to emerge. Saddam's own secret files show that he was lying to the UN, year after year. He told the UN that Iraq had no more WMD after 1991, and would never start those WMD programs again. But his own secret records show that in 2001, 2002, and 2003, Saddam was repeatedly purchasing banned chemicals, covering up radiation leaks, and generally orchestrating a cover-up.

Are the records genuine? We had NSA check the audiotapes to make sure it was Saddam's own voiceprint. It is. Now, why would Saddam and his top aides record all those tapes year after year and hide the forgeries in secret vaults? There are three shelf miles of paper records. What is the point? These are secret internal records, it is not as if he was using them in public to fool the Iranians into thinking he had WMD. These records almost did not even make it onto the light of day. They were buried amid a forest of documents that might not have been reviewed for decades, if ever. I cannot think of any explanation but these are genuine secret archives of Saddam's innermost feelings at his innermost meetings.

Moreover, at the time people like Dave Gaubatz and John Shaw were putting their statements on the record about how the WMD ended up in Syria, they did not know that we would get circumstantial corroboration from Saddam's own files. Statistically, this is beyond the realm of possibility of fabrication. . . .

Mauro: Mr. Loftus earlier mentioned Dr. Jack Shaw, who as deputy undersecretary for international technology security, tracked the WMD with some help from Ukrainian intelligence to Syria and Lebanon. The Ukrainians even had the names of the Russian Spetsnaz officers involved in the transfers. The Russian element shouldn't be surprising. The documents show that Russia passed on key details of the U.S. war plan to Iraq, and that Iraq was working to bring countries like Russia, France and China to their side using "economical agreements." Others previously published show that Russia even spied on Tony Blair for Iraq.

James Clapper from the National Imagery Agency also saw [by satellite]the convoys leaving Iraq traveling through al-Qaim to Syria. I can confirm this element of Shaw's testimony, as I have communicated with a military source who spoke to an Iraqi who used to be an Iraqi Intelligence Service captain, and had then joined the National Guard. He spoke of seeing guarded convoys travel through al-Qaim avoiding the populated areas in the months before the invasion, and why he believed they contained WMD. . . .

At this point, I began to suspect that Leftist moles in the Bush administration were undermining our security. For example, when satellite pictures showed convoys of Russian trucks moving to Syria through Al-Qaim, John Shaw, the man who revealed this publicly was summarily fired, and the report denied, suggesting that the Bush administration was turning a blind eye to Russia’s role in preserving Saddam’s rule, and along with China and North Korea, enabling Islamofascism against us. Why? Evidently to continue the charade that these Communist countries were aiding us in the war against terrorism!

Thus, what I called a Baran-Wallerstein strategy, as opposed to the theory, would be a worldwide enabling of terrorism against the West. Moreover, the strategy not only would have a military aspect to it, but also an economic strategy to weaken the West by cornering oil and other commodities necessary for modern industrial countries to survive. Putin has already used this tactic to cut off heating oil in winter to Western block supporters. But the tactic of the economic side of B-W is thousands of years old. Wikipedia has this general definition

However, at my website I document that this ancient Chinese game is in effect the game plan for the Baran-Wallerstein economic strategy, found in a 9/10/06 article on my site.

Baran-Wallerstein strategy is not a conspiracy theory, because over the years I have provided my readers with the facts and evidence which support it. Now as we move to the third level of B-W viewed as a board game, it is even easier to see how business deals made and being made by Communist nations are calculated in the long term to bring America and the West to their economic knees, a strategy very similar to the ancient Chinese game of Go.

Baran-Wallerstein Strategy Likened to Chinese Board Game “Go.”

Now let us move to the third level of the B-W strategy considered as a board game. Here, of course, we would see tokens representing an hundred tanks, missiles, WMDs (some buried in Syria), and naval assets, plus defensive and satellite systems. In this respect, the board might resemble a traditional war game, except for the fact that oil is the mother’s milk of warfare. And this is where China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and other nations in alliance with them, have outsmarted us, and Bush can do little about it because of the Fifth Column in the environmental movement. The fact is that the Chinese have played a board game called “Go” for more than 2,000 years. The Baran-Wallerstein strategy is a replication of tactics in this game whereby it seems to me that because of what is now in place on the international scene, Communism cannot lose a war with us once the actual shooting begins.[End of excerpt from Board Game GO and the relation to Baran-Wallerstein strategy].

Thus when I read James Simpson’s expose of the Cloward-Piven strategy,,
it was apparent that that and Baran-Wallerstein were twin pinchers of strategies calculated to destroy America from within and without.