Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mark Sanford Showed Class

It is a sad day in America today. Mark Sanford is one of the better Republicans out there and his admission today may have robbed conservatives of one of the few remaining leaders in the Party.

It is a pity. The Democrats have an entire national media to suppress such news when they can, or if unable to hide it, spin the story enough that their man survives, a la Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, etc. Not that I think what Sanford did was okay, but only that the bald hypocrisy of the media puts us at such a huge disadvantage.

If the media took the time to explore the corrupt cesspool that is the Democrat Party today, Republicans would have majorities in all fifty states, Congress and the Presidency by default. I was struck by the smirks of some of the people standing in the background behind the Governor at his press conference. How could someone smile at such a time? Answer: A Democrat could. They rejoice in seeing a good man fall, especially when it is a Republican. It clears the way for their rampant cleptocracy.

Mark Sanford showed a weakness only too prevalent in today's society, and I'm sure anyone in such a high-profile position is sorely tempted on a regular basis. He admitted his mistake fully and cleanly and made the beginnings of a proper amend. Contrast that with the years-long dissembling, personal attacks, threats and denials of Bill Clinton. Mark Sanford remains in my eye a class act.