Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah's Reach is International

The following article, Sarah Palin shows us how it's done, from Great Britain's Sun newspaper, is perhaps the most flattering review of Sarah Palin to date (with the possible exception of your humble servant's Washington Times piece.)

The writer bemoans the state of British politics, contrasting Sarah's "electrifying mix of passion, energy, optimism and plain speaking," with "the slippery, two-faced, depressing bunch of third-raters who parade on our Westminster stage." I could really relate to him. In the days Before Palin (BP) that was all we had too, with the possible exception of a few Republicans I could think of, but most of them host talk radio shows. As far as the Democrats go, it is still all we have. But that is nothing new.

John McCain's pick, like the energizer bunny, just keeps on going.