Friday, September 05, 2008


I am no respecter of persons. Like any good conservative, I always stress principles over personalities. It is, after all, what counts in the long run. Democrats, are you listening? Doubt it. But I have to confess that since Sarah Palin’s speech Wednesday night I have been transfixed, transformed – converted. I have become a shameless devotee of the Mayor of Wasilla. Call me Palinated, Palinized, a Saracolyte, whatever. I am now an unapologetically adoring fan.

Consider. According to Rasmussen polls, last week, 67 percent of Americans had never heard of Sarah Palin. Today her national approval ratings stand at 58 percent, higher than either McCain or Obama, who now are tied at a 57 percent approval rating. Joe Biden, who has to plagiarize his speeches just to sound like a has-been British Labor leader, comes in at a paltry 48 percent, and that likely only due to the old media covering for him. But, remember, we have the New Media now, and we smell blood in the water. Bad move, Baracko.

Meanwhile, McCain’s V.P. pick has overnight created a tidal wave of support for his candidacy among republicans and reaffirmed his now irrefutable reputation as a gutsy, independent thinking maverick – the kind we like. Last week, Rasmussen’s “very favorable” poll rating for McCain was only 42 percent among republicans. Today it stands at 54 percent, a 12 point gain in one week! Even better, his favorable ratings among unaffiliated voters jumped from 54 percent to 65 percent! Two days ago, before the nation was Palinated, Barack Obama’s convention bounce had given him 48 percent of the vote compared to McCain’s 43 percent, according to Rasmussen. Today it stands at 46 percent to 45, a dead heat! Thanks, Sarah.

Yesterday, the hysterically panicking leftwing media typically jumped the gun and reported that 22 million viewers saw Palin’s acceptance speech, an unfavorable comparison with Biden’s convention TV audience of 24 million. But Drudge came in later in the day with a stunning update: according to Neilson ratings, 37.2 million people watched her speech, an audience almost rivaling Obama’s 38.4 million. According to the AP:

The audiences for the Obama and Palin speeches were bigger than the ones this year for the Academy Awards, the finale of “American Idol” or the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing.

But the news to top all came in late today: McCain’s speech earned even higher ratings than Obama, with a total viewing audience of 38.9 million compared with Obama’s 38.4 million, making McCain’s the most watched campaign speech in history. His best line:

Let me just offer an advance warning to the old big-spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd… change is coming!"

With real change agent Sarah the Barracuda on board, the establishment should be genuinely quaking in their boots.

This woman has energized our Party more than anyone since Ronald Reagan. And her unapologetic defense of our principles, coupled with an equally unapologetic slap down of the entire odious elitist, self serving, disingenuous, phony Democrat machine has instantaneously leveled the playing field.

Why have we all been so disheartened, so frustrated with politics in recent years? It is because we intuitively KNOW these people are nothing more than self-serving liars. We KNOW they are frauds. We KNOW their policies are trash! When a political party is given vice grip control over the government for sixty-plus years (before 1994, Democrats had enjoyed a virtually unbroken monopoly, with substantial majorities in both houses of Congress since 1932) and engage us with soaring rhetoric about “saving the oppressed,” “uplifting the poor,” “asking not…” etc, etc, spend countless trillions on “remedies” and yet only manage to make things worse, it becomes glaringly apparent that something is rotten in Denmark.

But even with Republican majorities in both houses and a Republican president, no one has been willing to directly call them on it. Most Republicans remained dysfunctionally wedded to the go-along-to-get-along mentality. It is positively infuriating! The Democrats, who invented the verb “to Bork,” willing to stab you in the back at every turn regardless of your politesse, are not worthy of the treatment!

Then along comes the Mayor of Wasilla, population 7,025. Born of clean air, clean ethics and genuine American values, unfettered by the phony “nuances” of Washington politicos; a person who knows who she is, what she is and where she stands. She demonstrated Wednesday night just how much character counts, sloughing off with a shrug and a smile a week’s worth of vicious leftist media attacks on her and her family that set new lows for even their abysmal standards.

It is said that “You can’t fool an honest man.” Or woman, as it turns out. For in her acceptance speech, Sarah casually called out her empty suit opponent, Democrat elites, the Washington establishment, and the lapdog media smear merchants, labeling them exactly what they were - with finesse! She isn’t buying any of their Bull. We never have either, but she gave us a voice! The result was electrifying!

And now to her boss. Don’t forget, this man evaluated and chose Sarah Palin. I don’t hear him making any excuses for it. He allowed his chosen running mate to say the things that needed to be said. He allowed Rudy, Fred, Mike and all the others to have at it. He cut ‘em loose. John McCain has made a lifetime of decisions that show unflinching courage in the face of high risks and danger. He doubtless sees this as small change compared with his decision to refuse early release as a POW. And whether or not you agree with every policy he promoted, there is absolutely no doubt this man is of presidential timber, even historic presidential timber. Senator, you have my unqualified, enthusiastic support from here on out!

Meanwhile, the Dems continue to show their true colors, dredging for dirt on the VP, with affiliates offering up to $5,000 for damaging info, according to the American Spectator. To all those vindictive, sleazy, Soros-bankrolled, Obama guided (despite all those polished protestations to the contrary, he could halt the attacks in a second if he wanted), Democrat smear merchants who made Sarah Palin a household name over the past week, I have only one thing to say: “Thanks!” Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

There is a God, and his avenging angel has a name: Sarah Palin. I am Palinated!