Thursday, May 03, 2007

Someone you need to become acquainted with

I have been aware of the writer below for a while. He says, probably with more authority, what I have been saying since 1989. This article should be read by any American interested in our nation's survival. Hint: that excludes most Democrat politicians. Following are a few paragraphs and a link to the rest of the article:

by J. R. Nyquist

Two recent items reveal Moscow’s intentions. First, President Vladimir Putin has announced that he is suspending Russia’s commitment to follow the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty (CFE). This means that Russia can move tank and motorized infantry divisions to NATO’s doorstep. Second, Russian radio news broadcasters have been ordered to make 50 percent of their reporting on Russia “positive,” and that the United States is – from now on – to be described as Russia’s enemy.

President Putin’s intentions are clear. The Cold War is to be renewed. America is the “main enemy” once again. It has been my contention, for many years, that this was the KGB’s intention from the outset. The collapse of Communism was a staged event. It was a repeat of Lenin’s New Economic Policy of the 1920s, in which Russia pretended to liberalize and move toward capitalism, drawing investment and technology from the West. I believe that the political process in Russia, from 1989 to the present, was guided to this end. In 1989 America’s leaders could not see the Kremlin’s intentions because intentions are invisible to the naked eye. And so America’s leaders were fooled. Now Russia and China will emerge together as “one clenched fist,” and their intention is to smash America.

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