Monday, May 14, 2007

More Campaign "Reform" to Deny Free Speech

By Jim Simpson

The ever-reliable Wall Street Journal has surfaced yet another attempt by Democrats to subvert the democratic process through deceptively titled campaign "reform." Read this post, here. As I have said many times before, whenever a Washington politician talks about "reform," watch either your wallet, your back, or both.

You can worry even more any time "reform" is proposed by a Massachusetts Democrat, as it has in this case. Marty Meehan, a leftist (what Massachusetts congressman or Senator isn't?) member of the thoroughly corrupt Massachusetts contingent, has proposed legislation that would force grassroots campaigns to register as lobbyists. Now why would a corrupt politician, who depends on the labyrinthian campaign finance system to carry out his plans, want to pass legislation that that makes life even tougher for some of us? Hint: it certainly isn't for "reform" purposes.

As I'm sure most of you recognize, this will merely hamstring groups that rely on the grassroots support of little guys like you and me, groups who usually have a real beef, like for instance trying to stem the flow of illegal immigration. Instead of "reforming" the process, this is just another backdoor attempt at stifling free speech, so the wonderful Congressmen and Senators can conduct business as usual without the bothersome anklebiting we grassroots activists occasionally trouble them with, and move more deliberately forward to the socialist nation they are preparing for us.

This legislation is backed by Democracy 21, a deceptive name for a very anti-democratic group. And as with virtually all of the campaign "reform" we have already suffered, the real player in the shadows is George Soros, about the most corrupt, evil, anti-reform minded person on the face of the planet.

Regarding this and other issues, I direct you to a blogger I just stumbled upon, Centerman. I have not checked out a lot of his posts, but those I have provide a lot of good , factual background on George Soros's demonic, anti-Democratic, anti-Republican campaign finance "reform" movement.