Tuesday, March 06, 2007

They Hanged the Wrong Man

By Jim Simpson

A gutless, two-faced, lying little loser and his insubordinate, agitator wife, who both should be in jail for the havoc they have wrought on a nation at war, walk free today, lionized like movie stars by a complicit press, while an innocent man stands convicted. And now their partisan allies in Congress have begun the witch hunt that will help them turn this entire ignoble affair into another bludgeon to be used against Republicans and line up Comrade Hillary for a shot at 2008.

Simply despicable!

I have watched the Plame Game unfold from day one and it has been, since the beginning, a complete and utter fraud. You can read the threads here, three articles which provide a fairly complete backgrounder on the entire game. Read them! And if you don't like my facts, try Christopher Hitchens, certainly no conservative, but a man who usually gets his facts straight. You can read his thorough, conclusive treatment on the subject, here.

Here's another gem. Turns out the jury spokesman in the Libby trial, Denis Collins, is a former Washington Post journalist, and writer for the extremely leftist San Jose Mercury News. Was there not bias in that jury? It is absoultely outrageous!

Joe Wilson was never asked by this Administration to visit Niger. Despite the partisan nature of his trip, (he went there on his wife's prompting, with the express purpose of discrediting the Administration’s case for war, no matter what she says in her Congressional testimony), he came back with information which vindicated the President’s statements about Saddam’s desire to obtain uranium. Not content with the facts, Wilson proceeded to publicly lie about it. When caught in the act, he scrambled to the defense, accusing the Administration of "outing" his wife, something they could not have done had they wanted to, because she wasn't covert!

What nobody seems to get is that the entire “outing” accusation was a defensive tactic to turn the spotlight away from Joe Wilson, his wife and the CIA conspiracy in which they participated to discredit this President. He knew she wasn’t covert! The entire reason she was tied to a desk at CIA headquarters was that, like many others, her cover had been blown years before by Aldrich Ames.

That Joe Wilson got away with his scam is a shocking, scary testament to the power, partisanship and blatant dishonesty of today’s mass media. If I can learn the facts after a few hours of research, it is impossible for me to believe that most interested members of the media didn’t know the real story. They have lost all credibility.

Joe Wilson’s lies have come back to haunt him, however. You don’t see him working the talk show circuit any more. People realize what he is and even the liberal media hasn’t touched him. Perhaps this will change now with the Democrat partisans in Congress doing a fair impression of bolsheviks as they try to rewrite history.

That someone else is taking the fall for Wilson's partisan agitation, however, is inexcusable. I do blame the President for this. The facts are on his side, yet he allows himself to get repeatedly rolled. Who's in charge up there?

It is further inexcusable that the special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, knows Libby is innocent, but relentlessly pursues the case anyway, using a rigged jury and every dirty trick in the book. What’s he looking for, a book deal? How do people like this get law licenses?

If there is one purpose served by this entire seedy affair, it should be to recognize for once that there are many people in our intelligence apparatus who have no business being there. Partisans who will use their position to sabotage public policy should be tried under military tribunal for insubordination and sentenced accordingly.

This President must put a stop to this nonsense now! Pardon Libby and fire Fitzpatrick for using public funds to engage in a deliberate witch hunt. Ask Congress why they would willingly conspire in a lie and allow an innocent man to take the fall. Not very compassionate. Not very "progressive." Not very democratic, I'd say. The very fabric of our legal system is threatened when it can be so blatantly manipulated for partisan purposes. It simply must stop.