Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Giuliani for President

By Jim Simpson

I am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe that life starts at conception and that women do not have the right to choose murder for their unborn children. I do not believe that gay unions equal marriage. Finally, I believe that once you commit to marriage, you have made a commitment for life.

I vote Rudy.

That’s right. Despite his stance on the above issues and his failed marriages, Rudy Giuliani is way ahead of all his Republican challengers and light years beyond any Democrat in terms of integrity, honesty, and, eclipsing all else as an essential attribute in this time of National crisis, personal courage. Rudy Giuliani has established a lifetime reputation for boldness in an arena most notable for cowardice. He is, above all else, a genuine leader.

At this dangerous point in our Nation’s history, we can ill afford to make a mistake. The Democrats are lunging at the opportunity afforded by November’s elections to steal our country from us. In the Presidential elections of 2008, they intend to install an avowed (though carefully masked) communist who will make Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez look like a moderate Republican.

To those fickle purists in the Republican Party I would ask: do you want someone who can lead? Do you want someone who can successfully challenge the Democrats’ nihilistic agenda? Or would you prefer someone who indulges your sentiments by telling you all you want to hear but when push comes to shove will be pitifully rolled by the Democrats?

Let’s look at the top contenders:

Running in 2nd place, John McCain. Issue: gun control. Position: ambiguous. Verdict: will roll if politically expedient. Issue: abortion. Position: ambiguous. Verdict: will roll if politically expedient. Issue: campaign finance reform. Aided and abetted Soros driven strategy to install an electoral system even more jury-rigged for Democrats than before. Continues to willfully assist Democrats in the wholesale sabotage of our First Amendment rights. Verdict: can you even call it “rolled?” Issue: Iraq. Position: support War with more troops. Good, but what if we can’t get more troops? (Newsflash to McCain and every other Washington politician: thanks to former President Clinton’s gutting of the military, we are currently maxed out on troops!) Verdict: with his two faces on so many other issues, can we ever be sure? If he can’t get the troops he wants, will he abandon Iraq? Wanna bet?

Running in 3rd, Mitt Romney. Issue: gun control. Position: supported Brady Law and misnamed “Assault” Weapons ban. Verdict: rolled. Issue: abortion. Position: ambiguous; talking out of both sides of mouth. Verdict: will get rolled. Issue: Iraq. Position: tepid support. Verdict: likely to get rolled. Despite Romney’s impressive record as Republican governor of leftist haven Massachusetts, his conservative rebirth seems to be largely politically driven. Verdict: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Running a distant fourth, Newt Gingrich. Never mind that he hasn’t declared, Newt will never overcome the media’s carefully cultivated image of him as a dour meanie. Furthermore, while he sounds the right notes on virtually every issue of interest to conservatives, he no longer has the stomach for serious fights. This was demonstrated during his tenure as House Speaker and I do not believe he has ever fully recovered.

Compare any of these candidates with Giuliani on any of the issues. His position is clear and unwavering. You may not always agree but you have to respect his consistency. And regarding other pet “conservative” issues, Giuliani brings that same commitment where others will likely compromise: taxes, crime and the War. On this subject, a must read is today’s Wall Street Journal article “Giuliani the Conservative.” To all you conservative purists out there, I say, "read this article!"

Rudy has one major Achilles heel. His former marital problems have not yet been widely explored by the mass media, and most of the public thus remains unaware. The media are probably holding their fire until Rudy is the confirmed Republican candidate, at which point they will open the floodgates. And it will be brutal, make no mistake. Our loving media wants a leftist Democrat, preferably Hillary, to win, and will pull out all the stops to make it happen.

In this regard, the power of a media which can destroy the reputations of impeccable public servants like former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, while managing to assist in the election of philandering, corrupt, seditious philistines like Bill Clinton, should never be underestimated. We cannot forget New York either, where Hillary easily brushed off the mountains of scandals surrounding the (then) first couple, her coddling of terrorists (recall her hugging Sufa Arafat, PLO Chairman Yasser’s wife, and Bill Clinton’s pardon of Puerto Rican terrorists serving life sentences for murder) and her blatant carpetbagging. Despite all this, she easily won the Senatorial campaign in New York.

Rudy dropped out of that race early to avoid having his private life scrutinized. If, with his sterling reputation as mayor and leadership following 9-11, he can’t win in his own state, how can he expect to win in a national election, where a more skeptical national audience is as yet ignorant of his past marital dalliances?

I have misgivings. The depths to which the opposition and their press lapdogs will stoop know no bounds. But Rudy is nonetheless far and away the best Republican candidate in a position to assume the Presidency. So I will hope against hope, and throw in my support for the only strong, capable, courageous leader on the political horizon. Our nation is in peril. We can afford nothing else.