Friday, August 04, 2006

Anti-Semitism or Anti-Americanism?


Why does the Left revile Hitler’s anti-Semitism while practicing anti-Semitism itself? Why do Leftist Jews take the suicidal position of supporting the PLO and other anti-Israeli groups, who won’t discriminate between left and right if given the chance to wipe Israel off the map?

By Jim Simpson

The wave of anti-Israeli sentiment being expressed by Western media and political elites in the wake of Hezbollah’s attacks, and the overall trend of increasingly open hostility toward Israel from the world community sounds hauntingly similar to pre-WW II Nazi propaganda. This blatant anti-Semitism seems incomprehensible when you consider the liberal media’s virtual obsession with reviling Hitler’s Holocaust against the Jews. But there is a very straightforward explanation.

The Left makes a big deal about the Holocaust. If you watch the liberal-biased History Channel, a station we jokingly refer to as “Hitler Channel,” the documentaries focusing on Hitler’s barbarity outnumber all others by magnitudes. PBS too, is well stocked with Holocaust documentaries. There is nothing wrong with this.

But during the same period, Stalin was killing Soviet citizens at a rate that would shame even Hitler. At other times, before and since, communists have engaged in similar genocides whenever they take over. We don’t hear much about any of that. Why? Is it merely because the communists are “equal opportunity” mass murderers? Is it that the “Zionist” media conspires to focus only on crimes against Jews, as the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists would have us believe?


Russia has oppressed their Jewish population from time immemorial, up to this very day. Hitler was, like Stalin, Mao and virtually all the other totalitarian leaders we have come to know and despise, just another mass murderer. What the Left hates about Hitler was that he almost wiped out their beloved Soviet Union. WW II’s Holocaust provides useful fodder for the Left’s propaganda machine, while they suppress, challenge or ignore past and present accusations of communist murder. It is not that Hitler killed millions. It is that he threatened to kill their millions.

They are strangely silent these days about Reagan’s so-called “victory” in the Cold War. Perhaps this is because they know, as I do, that the “fall” of the Soviet Union was a deliberate, orchestrated, “deny your enemy an enemy” tactic taken right from the pages of Sun Tzu’s Art of War – the communists’ favored manual on military strategy.

To paraphrase Twain, the rumors of communism’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Nations continue to be threatened by communist insurgencies and in the Western Hemisphere, are turning communist at an alarming rate. And the reason Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and now Venezuela openly support the Islamofascists is because they are continuing their war with the West through their Middle Eastern and Iranian surrogates. So better to keep quiet than gloat too much. We might catch on.

But I digress.

The mass media has long been sympathetic to the misnamed “Palestinian” cause and takes most Arab claims of Israeli barbarity and oppression at face value. This sometimes takes the form of active complicity in Palestinian propaganda campaigns. For example, in September 2000, a TV news story exploded on the world stage showing dramatic footage of a young boy and his father shot and killed in the crossfire of a PLO, Israeli gun battle. The storyline was, you guessed it: the Israelis did it. Deliberately.

A recent analysis of the raw footage however, tells a completely different story. The facts clearly demonstrate the incident had to have been staged, with the likelihood that the father and son weren’t even injured. Other familiar scenes from the “Intifada” are also analyzed with similar conclusions. These films can be viewed at I urge you to watch them.

It has already been confirmed that casualty estimates from Qana, Lebanon are 28, much lower than the 54 initially reported. A day late and a dollar short. What has not made news is the fact that this event also has the hallmarks of a stage show. At first, this might sound almost as absurd as the theory that George W. Bush staged 9-11. But there should be nothing surprising about such an assertion when made against a terrorist group, which willingly, routinely uses women and children as suicide bombers and human shields. If it means a propaganda victory, what matter how the martyrs died? See a good review of the evidence at: Look for “Qana – The Director’s cut.”

The sad truth is the Left wants to see Israel destroyed almost as much as the Islamofascists do. For the past many years this has been a largely subterranean effort, visible for anyone willing to look, but under the radar screen for most. But today their anti-Semitism has become palpable. Some have even joined the chorus of the Islamofascists to speak the unspeakable: the Jewish state has to go. Pundits openly debate the value of keeping Israel alive. Gee, it’s only a few million people against the wishes of hundreds of millions of Arabs. What’s the big deal? The fact that these kinds of statements are finding their way into public discourse makes one shudder.

Okay, so why? Why would the “Zionist media” want to see the “Zionist” state destroyed? Why do American Leftists defend a sexist, racist, megalomaniacal bunch of mass murdering Islamic lunatics? Why do even Jewish Leftists back the PLO – a suicidal position for them? Why?

Because the Left has always been about their agenda, and their agenda is International Socialism. They will surge over the cliff like a pack of lemmings to put that agenda in place. Israel is the only truly reliable U.S. ally in the entire region, and as we already know, for the Left, the U.S. is the Main Enemy. They can’t wait to see us go down, and toward that effort they’ll help anybody. As Lenin said, “You can’t make an omelet without
---------The True Face of the Left--------- breaking a few eggs.”