Saturday, July 16, 2005

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

It’s simply amazing that it has come to this. Valerie Plame or Valerie “Wilson” as she now wants to be called, I’m sure to remind us of her wifely loyalty to her loser, political hack of a husband, used her position to get him a job seeking ways to discredit Bush administration policy. The CIA bought it and her husband did his hatchet job.

However when it was revealed that his wife, a known CIA analyst and fellow Bush-hater, long-since “outed” by Aldrich Ames, got him the job, Democrats scrambled to turn the national spotlight off this embarrassing revelation. Never ones to miss a political opportunity, they screamed: “National security breach! National security breach! The precious identity of an undercover agent has been blown!”

Now to think of the Democrats, who collectively have blown more covers, compromised more covert operations and destroyed more CIA careers than the KGB, as being the least bit concerned, much less “outraged” at the so-called “outing” of an “operative” is galling beyond the pale. But it didn’t even happen!

Nonetheless, the national press corps, never slow on the uptake when it comes to protecting their fellow Democrats, immediately allowed that to become the issue. Republicans, in their bottomless stupidity, allowed them to get away with it, flailing in self-defense instead of hammering away at the facts.

Fact: Whatever her former status, Valerie Plame is currently an analyst, not covered by the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Fact: Her identity as a CIA employee was already known and not a secret.

Fact: Valerie Plame “outed” herself to Joe Wilson while she was still undercover, a direct violation of both CIA security protocols and universally accepted security practices.

Fact: Joe Wilson went to Niger not once, but twice, as a result of Plame’s lobbying CIA superiors for him.

Fact: Joe Wilson came back with information supporting allegations that Iraq sought uranium from Niger.

Fact: Joe Wilson is lying through his teeth. But hey, he’s got a book out; he’s making the talk show circuit every day. Why give up on a good thing?

They must be laughing all the way to the bank! What began as a panicked attempt to deflect prying eyes from Joe Wilson’s lies has become a national movement to destroy one of George W. Bush’s key strategists.

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame have a lot more explaining to do than anyone else. This entire controversy should be exposed immediately for the political fraud it is and Joe Wilson, pathological liar that he is, along with his “hidden in plain sight” wife, should be frog-marched to the nearest penitentiary.

And while we’re at it, it might be useful to cool the Democrats’ ardor with just a brief walk down memory lane:

2004 - Sandy Berger. Caught stealing and destroying original top-secret classified documents taken from the National Archives related to Clinton administration handling of al Qaeda. This occurred right at the time the 9-11 Commission was investigating Clinton administration anti-terrorism efforts. Coincidence? I doubt it.

1996 - John Deutch, Clinton’s CIA Director. Discovered to have knowingly put top-secret documents, some at the highest level of classification (codeword) on unsecured home computers and laptop computers open to the internet and kept the documents after resigning as DCI. Why? Reno's Justice Department refused to investigate. Why?

1992-2000 - The Clinton administration. A virtual walking sieve of secrets. Their deliberate circumvention of background checks for White House appointees allowed, among other things, John Huang, a Chinese intelligence agent, access to highly classified information on an almost daily basis. Clinton's careless handling of secrets allowed China to steal and develop their own nuclear warhead miniaturization technology.

1985 - Esteemed Senator Patrick Leahy leaked classified information in an interview, resulting in the death of at least one agent.

1980 - Esteemed Congressman Ron Dellums (D-CA) said: “We should totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail." Awarded chairmanship of the House Armed Services Committee by Democrats in 1993. Voted against the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

1977 - Stansfield Turner. Jimmy Carter’s CIA Director. Personally responsible for the wholesale destruction of CIA’s human intelligence collection capability. Caused mass resignations of seasoned case officers. We have still not recovered.

This is just the short list. Need I say more?