Friday, July 15, 2005

More on the Plame Affair

A few more points need to be made regarding the issue of Valerie Plame's "outing". First, the law protecting covert case officers and agents from public exposure, known as the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, requires that a person must have been undercover overseas within the past five years. That was not the case for Ms. Plame. She has been working as an analyst in Washington, DC for at least the past six years.

Also, the Act says the person making the disclosure must have gotten the information from a classified source and known that the person being discussed was covert. It is doubtful that either one of these is true in the Plame case, whether or not it was Rove who revealed her name.

Plame was “outed” long ago by the CIA’s most notorious traitor, Aldrich Ames. It is why she left Europe in the first place. So anyone who would be interested, i.e. our enemies, already knew her identity. That of course would be irrelevant if Rove or whoever it was had knowingly exposed her and she was indeed an undercover case officer, for just because the damage had already been done, doesn't mean the law wasn't violated. But she was not an undercover officer.

Now, the Democrats raise the issue that even if this is true, outing a former agent could still cause damage, in certain circumstances grave damage. I agree. But if this were true in the Plame case, then someone should have been prosecuted long ago, because, never mind Aldrich Ames’ treason, it has been an “open secret” in Washington, DC, if it was even a secret at all, that Plame worked for the CIA. If the Dems are so concerned about National Security then they should be trying to find out who, besides Ames, outed her. I don’t see them doing this.


Well for one thing, it was probably Plame who outed herself in the first place. By their own admission in the Vanity Fair article, Wilson first learned of Plame’s employer on their third date. If she was so concerned about her undercover status, and at that time she still was undercover, it was a grave breech of security for her to reveal this information to Wilson at all, let alone after her third date. CIA Case officers are told not to tell their own families what they are doing. And never mind the oaths, how did she know Wilson wasn’t a spy? The other side uses romance to seduce operatives all the time. Sex was what originally got Aldrich Ames. And if you suggest Wilson couldn’t be working for the other side, then you just don’t know how it works.

It looks more and more like Wilson is working for the other side. For the “other side” today includes the national Democrat party, who are using every trick in the book in their attempt to trash the foreign policy of a sitting president. Their efforts are an enduring delight to our enemies. I call that treason!