Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Am Sick of Cowards

The Republicans really need to get their act together. I speak of the growing calls among the President's own party to shut down the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo, for short). I expect this kind of hubris from the Treason Party, the Democrats, because their agenda is to torpedo this Administration at all costs, but NOT from Republicans. Sadly, I am not surprised. We are so regularly treated to the bottomless stupidity of Republican politicians, I can't even ask the question. Were I not so totally discouraged however, the question would be: "HOW CAN ANYONE BE SO STUPID?!?"

First we have the mind boggling spectacle of Florida Sen. Mel Martinez joining hands with that imbecilic dictator lover, Jimmy Carter (who is living proof that Alzheimer’s can infect vegetables), to call for the detention center's closing.

Then we have the discouraging visage of Pennsylvania Rep. Curt Weldon trying to look serious as he gravely pronounces that Gitmo has "lost its viability."

Finally, that clarion call of virtue and wisdom, Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, thinks we should move somewhere else. Sen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, will of course be holding a hearing.

What PLANET are these people on?? If, as Sen. Hagel claims, we are losing an "image" war regarding Gitmo, whose fault is that? How can we win if we are so timid as to allow our critics to make a patently insane comparison of Gitmo to the Soviet Gulags? How can we win if we can't even point out that people willing to riot to the death over ANY story in Newsweek, must be certifiably crazy?

Instead of catering to such lunatics, why aren't Republicans simply calling them what they are? The Democrats have Howard Dean, off his Prozac once again, who screams obscenities and lies about Republicans. Why can’t Republicans summon the will to simply tell the truth?

The terrorist "detainees" at Gitmo live better than many of them ever did in Afghanistan. A recent article in the Washington Times by Mark Steyn pointed out that Gitmo has more medical personnel than prisoners (“Selective Angst”, Washington Times, June 13, 2005, p. A17). Detainees who have been released left in better health and weighing more than when first caught. How many of the 20 million-odd Gulag victims went home that way? Oh, that’s right, I forgot: if they ever even left it was in a pine box.

And you can only repeat that five percent of the released detainees have since been recaptured in battle if it serves to assist in criticizing the Administration on its overall handling of the war. However, if you're talking about their treatment at Gitmo, then they are all innocent citizens, mistakenly captured on the field of battle, inexplicably in possession of AK-47s and shooting at our troops!

Why aren't these Republican "Men of Conscience" aggressively informing any media outlet who will listen, that according to the Pentagon, while five instances of Koran "abuse", (I can't even believe I am writing those two words side by side) can be blamed on U.S. soldiers who momentarily lost their grave respect for the sacred text, fifteen instances of "abuse" were meted out by the detainees themselves, including ripping pages out, urinating on the book, ATTEMPTING TO FLUSH A KORAN DOWN THE TOILET, and others??

Where is that little Newsweek weasel now? Has he reported this corrected version to repair the damage from his fraudulent report, which sent the Imams off their meds, causing rioting and death in Pakistan??

And why aren't these wise sages reporting all the other outrages being carried out against Muslims, which don't seem to bother the Muslims at all? Like the continued terrorist bombings of Muslims in Iraq? Like the recent burning of a Mosque by Robert Mugabe's communist government in Zimbabwe?

Why is nobody challenging the intellectually challenged critics of Gitmo? It should be like taking candy from a baby. Instead we have the spectacle of nitwit Republican handwringers, serving up propaganda victory to our enemies on a silver platter. It’s simply astonishing!

Finally, what would closing Gitmo accomplish? Do you really need the answer? We would be forced to move the terrorists somewhere else, where accusations of "Koran Abuse" would soon surface again. The camp would still be kept under an electron microscope by the same anti-American crowd who're doing it now. They would still lunge at the slightest opportunity to criticize. Ultimately, all we would do is squander federal dollars on relocating these terrorists and perhaps risk their escape in the process.

The Left would like us to release these "innocent civilians". They would be perfectly happy to see the terrorists once again free to express their first amendment rights with an AK-47 (which according to the Left’s legal sages, they have every right to express, just like the illegal aliens do). The Left wants to see us lose and they don't care how it happens.

So why do these idiot Republican Congressmen and Senators keep on trying to make the Left happy? It is because unfortunately too many of them are gutless, intellectually challenged, mental weaklings who earn the contempt of friend and foe alike by fawning to their critics. Hey Mel, hey Chuck, hey Curt, (forget Arlen): grow some balls and stand up to these Leftist scumbags! This kind of garbage will never stop until you do. And if you can’t stomach the thought, perhaps you’re overdue for retirement.