Monday, June 27, 2005

Dickless Durbin

Following is the text of a letter I sent to Senator Dick Durbin after his disgraceful, inexcusable, treasonous and FALSE statement comparing the U.S. military's treatment of terrorist detainees at GITMO with treatment of innocents in the Nazi and Soviet death camps. Enjoy. Who knows, maybe someone will even consider prosecuting him for the law he has clearly violated.

Richard Durbin
United States Senate
332 Dirksen Senate Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Durbin:

People like you are what is the matter with America today. If you think it will benefit you somehow, you feel no need to think through, question or restrain yourself at all, before going ahead and doing something, anything—regardless the consequences to others. Your recent comparison ON ANY LEVEL of treatment of terrorists at GITMO with the Nazi or Soviet death camps is a shocking demonstration of this, and for someone in a position of such responsibility is simply beyond belief.

I believe you are either an utterly selfish idiot, playing to your extreme left audience, or a deliberate traitor! Either way, your actions have the same effect: they give aid and comfort to our enemies. You have falsely supplied them with propaganda ammunition, which they will use to stir up their supporters and persuade fence-sitters. You have damaged our credibility in the world community and worked to turn the world against us at a time when we need their assistance in the War on Terror more than ever! You have demoralized our troops by increasing the dangers they face in the field as well as demonstrating to them that yet again, their leaders at home are willing to dishonestly discredit them for craven self-serving purposes.

While I agree that many of us consider living without AC and listening to loud rap music as torture, our enemies will use your testimony to justify GENUINE torture against any Western citizen, civilian or military, unfortunate enough to be caught by them, not that they exercise any self-restraint now. It will be similar in effect to that Newsweek ignoramus’s false report (I won’t give him more free advertising by repeating his name) of U.S. Soldiers flushing a Koran - only much, much worse.

There is just one word for this kind of irresponsible behavior when conducted by someone in a position of grave responsibility such as yourself:


You are a United States Senate leader for God’s sake! I believe you should suffer the fate of anyone so willing to carelessly put the citizens of his own country at risk as you have. You should be tried in a military court and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

You despicable, despicable, self-serving lowlife! You are undeserving of the title “Senator” and belong behind bars at the very least.


James M. Simpson

P.S. I truly hope you face prosecution. Maybe then the damaging consequences of your conduct will sink in! If nothing else you could at least undo the damage somewhat by being an object lesson to the many other lowlifes in your party who would otherwise consider doing the same thing.