Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suvorov's Methodology

I have asserted for years that al Qaeda and for that matter the entire "radical Islamic" offensive, are cutouts for the Soviet Union. They are a great big False Flag operation, designed by the Soviet Union to distract us while they plan our demise.

I have also stated repeatedly that the "fall" of the Soviet Union was a deception campaign as well, taken right from the pages of Sun Tzu, who counsels: deny your enemy an enemy. By feigning collapse, the Soviet Union effectively denied us an enemy, and provided Washington with a grand excuse to slash military budgets and downsize all elements of our defense posture. By 2000 we were operating under hollow force conditions - our weakest point since before WW II and one of the reasons al Qaeda chose to strike.

I was able to predict what we would face in Iraq before the war started, not because I have any special wisdom, insights or predictive powers, but only because I have studied for years and thoroughly understand Soviet communist tactics and strategy.

I have also asserted that we went into World War II as a united country because the U.S. communists and fellow travelers were frantic that their beloved Soviet Union was under threat by Nazi Germany. Perhaps there was even a deeper reason.

With these things in mind, the following may well be the most important essay you ever read. Read it and fully absorb its meaning:

Suvorov's Methodology