Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When in the course of human events – a free press: the Republic’s last flickering chance?

Probably the most important lesson to emerge from this election, indeed, before the elecion cycle was halfway over, is the criminal bias of American media. They threatened the very foundations of our Republic with their news suppression. They have done this increasingly for the past 40 years, but this past two years broke all prior records in dissembling, attack, duplicity and suppression of truth. The American press corps are the greatest enemy we face. IF they are successful in throttling the New Media, as they, together with their allies in Congress and now the Presidency, intend, it will spell the death of this country. Jeff Gardner, of Right for a Reason, penned the following relevant editorial before the election.

When in the course of human events – a free press: the Republic’s last flickering chance?

By Jeff Gardner - Right for a Reason

It may well be that Barack Obama will be elected president. It appears he’ll gain a big government loving Congress, to boot. Tom Udall, whose name and smile, much like Obama’s, has carried him across the state, will likely join Jeff Bingaman in the Senate.

Both are nothing if they’re not astute politicians. In the Udall-Steve Pearce race, Pearce suffers from the unenviable habit of telling people precisely who he is and what he stands for. It’s unenviable in politics, that is.

Udall is a picture of moderation on the campaign trail. He realizes, as Bingaman has before him, that 98% of the electorate won’t bother looking closely at his lengthy voting records.

But his liberalism doesn’t bother me, per se.

It’s the manner in which this election, in fact every election since 1992, has been propagandized by the media that has me concerned. The alleged watchdog of the people, our vaunted free press, has become little more than a mouthpiece not only championing the far left, but acting as a censure against any criticism, as well.

While busily reporting Obama’s run for the White House as a fait accompli, Americans have little idea of the massive voter fraud that is being investigated in states across the nation.

The finally-infamous Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN – as a result of its efforts to register people to vote, is under investigation for voter fraud in 12 states: Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

When I refer to ACORN’s “efforts to register people to vote” I’m using “people” in the broadest sense of the word. To date, investigators have uncovered, among other things, cartoon characters, pets, expletives, and dead people – lots of dead people –signed up to perform the ultimate civic act.

And running down that list of states is a curious thing as well. Toss out Connecticut, locked up for Obama, and Texas, gripped in Republican candidate John McCain’s clutches, and you’re looking at an array of battleground states. Odd, yes?

One wonders if now, as in 2000, county clerks in southern New Mexico counties, say, Dona Ana, are busy squirreling away 500 absentee ballots. Just in case.

At the same time, some 30,000 felons are on the voter rolls in Florida. Washington state has publicly states it will send as many as 24,000 felons ballots prior to the election regardless of their legal status.

Again our national news outlets – save FOX News – haven’t bothered reporting much if any of this. It doesn’t fit their prescription for their end game.

It’s not Obama’s class warfare campaign, or what I know he’ll do to our economy, our way of life, that I find so alarming.

Rather it’s the whole attack on free speech. Not just our individual right to speak freely, but our right to a free press – a press absent the patently unethical practice of indoctrination as opposed to edification, a lost art with American journalists today.

From our nation’s birth the most precious gift you and I share for being good citizens of a sovereign nation – our vote – is being cheapened, eroded by a pack of conspirators who view every means justifiable to their end.

Felons don’t deserve the right to vote. Period. Voting is sacred to the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s the ultimate reward for loyalty to your brother or sister in national bond.

You don’t lose your right to vote for parking in a fire lane. You lose it by committing a crime against your fellow citizens so vile one the penalties is the forfeiture of the most fundamental blessing of the free man.

To hear that many states – Florida and Washington aren’t alone – are diminishing my citizenship makes my angry. It should anger you, too.

To hear that a “community activist organization” is giving away cigarettes in return for a vote or is registering dead people in an attempt to not merely overwhelm the system but corrupt the outcome makes me sick. It should make you sick, too.

And to know that I’ve learned of all of this only by sifting my way through websites or blogs, while the major couriers of the our news, the APs, the CBSs or ABCs, ignore this attack on the pinnacle of our citizenship leaves me in fear for our republic.

A free, objective, unbiased press is all that protects any people from its government. Today our media is jockeying for a cabinet post and that doesn’t bode well for any of us.