Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hope, Change, Fraud

No one will ever accuse Obama of plagiarism, but as this video clearly shows, he has a lot in common with his running mate Joe Biden, who found it necessary to use speeches by other politicians rather than write his own during his pathetic, short-lived run for the presidency. Joe Biden is a vacuous, empty-headed putz, and has only survived because he is a Leftist Democrat in a democrat state. And of course the mass media gives him endless passes.

Obama has never shown any indication that he has any experience qualifying him for the position Americans have been foolish enough to elect him for. This video does a good job of presenting the empty suit some of us recognized early on. When prepared, he delivers words someone else made up for him with polish and aplomb. When unprepared, he stammers, mumbles, equivocates and says stupid things. But of course the mass media spares him the embarrassment of revealing all these critical bits of information about a dangerously inexperienced, probably corrupt and definitely misguided politician. God save America.