Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Al-Qaeda KGB Connection Confirmed

For many years I have been alleging - with some snippets of direct evidence but encyclopedias of good reason - that al Qaeda and the militant islamic movement in general is but a provocation, a sideshow in our ongoing battle with "Russia."

My presumption has come from years of study about how the Soviet Communists work. First, it is a well established fact that practically every terrorist group on the face of the earth up until al Qaeda came on the scene, received its training, arms and other support from the Soviet KGB, either directly, or indirectly through a surrogate. And if the Soviets are supplying you with everything you need to fight, then they own you.

Also, it has always been the preference of the Soviets to let surrogates do their fighting. It is much less expensive, it allows them to preserve their own military, while others do the dying, and when we take military action against the terrorists, allows them to examine our tactics and weapons systems in action without revealing theirs. But most importantly they gain plausible deniability. You can't convincingly argue to an ignorant public that the Soviet Union is the main danger if all the hostility seems to be coming from somewhere else.

From time to time, little hints have surfaced that our seditious or otherwise completely incompetent mass media never seem to catch. One example was the gem found in seized Iraqi documents identifying Osama Bin-Laden as a longstanding "asset" of Iraqi Intelligence under Saddam Hussein. If that is in fact true, then not only was Saddam likely in on, or at least knowledgeable of, the 9-11 plot, but the KGB would have known as well, because Saddam's regime worked closely with the KGB.

9-11 Commission, where are you?

However, today we have much more concrete evidence, thanks to the sacrifices of Alexander Litvinenko and his compatriots. You remember Mr. Litvinenko. He was the former Russian SVR agent (SVR is the current label for the same old organization formerly known as "KGB") murdered by Russian agents using Polonium 210.

Mr. Litvinenko was killed because he was telling the West everything he knew. His book Allegations is now available, and its editor and translator, Pavel Stroilov, was recently interviewed by Jamie Glazov of FrontPageMagazine. Please read the article here.

Following is a direct quote from Stroilov:

Alexander revealed, in his articles and interviews included in the Allegations, that at least two notorious Al Qaeda terrorists are secret agents of the FSB – one of whom, Aiman al Zawahiri, is bin Laden’s second-in-command.

As the former leader of the terrorist organisation Egyptian Islamic Jihad, al Zawahiri was on international lists of most wanted terrorists for many years. In 1997, he suddenly re-surfaced in Russia, where he undertook a special training course at a secret FSB base in Dagestan. After that, he was sent to Afghanistan, and joined Al Qaeda as bin Laden’s number two. Meanwhile, the FSB officers who had supervised him in Dagestan were promoted and re-assigned to Moscow. It was from them that Alexander learned about al Zawahiri.

These and other facts of FSB involvement in international terrorism, revealed by Alexander, have tremendous implications. Contrary to the view of many in the US, Russia is anything but a reliable ally of yours in the ‘war on terror’. The Kremlin is playing a treacherous double game: while enjoying the West’s support as ally, it secretly supports and manipulates the Al Qaeda through FSB agents of influence.

There is a lot more, but that paragraph summarizes the salient truth: al Qaeda is and always has been a cutout for the Soviets' ongoing war with the West, and I believe that fact can be applied to the entire Islamofascist movement as well (although I doubt if any of the foot soldiers know it.) If Putin felt like it, he could probably tell us exactly where Osama is right this minute. But even that misses the point. Osama and his ragtag band of homicidal goatherders are not the main enemy, and our continued refusal to recognize this fact will guarantee that we are pointing our guns in the wrong direction when the final offensive begins.