Thursday, November 02, 2006

Time to Face Facts

By Jim Simpson

I have skirted around the following subject for years, either because I was focused on some small subset of it, or because I did not feel the message would be accepted. I no longer care. We are teetering at the abyss, and bold action is required if we are to save ourselves. It’s way past time for a reality check, so here it is, late, but better late than never:

  1. We all know that Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden and other terror leaders past and present would never strap on a suicide belt themselves, although they encourage others to. So maybe they’re not quite as committed to Allah as they would have us believe.
  2. We know that suicide belts and other media-focused tactics used by Muslim terrorists are nothing new. Anyone familiar with the Vietnam conflict, for example, knows of the suicide bomber, targeting of civilians, kidnapping, torture, dismemberment and mass murder. These are standard Soviet tactics in use for decades.
  3. We know that the Soviets have been arming and training “Jihadists” since the 1950s and probably before.
  4. We know that the PLO was a creation of the Soviet KGB and that communists invented the “Palestinian” cause as an excuse to prosecute their war against the West with surrogates by attacking its critical regional representative, Israel.
  5. We know that many members of al Qaeda are professional, Soviet-trained Baluchi terrorists, not Muslims. How could a supposed purist like Osama Bin Laden allow such infidels to assume leadership positions in his ardently Muslim al Qaeda?
  6. We know that Russia actively supports Iran, Syria and the Ba’athist dominated resistance in Iraq, i.e. Muslim and non-Muslim alike. (For those of you who wonder what I mean by non-Muslim here, Syria’s and Iraq’s Ba’athists are non-Muslim communist atheists, prayer rugs notwithstanding!)
  7. We know that in 1991, the Soviet Union “spontaneously” collapsed and that its leaders, who remain in power to this day, suddenly, independently, at precisely the same moment, inexplicably transformed into…Democrats!
  8. We know through public statements made in 1991 by Soviet representatives on U.S. television that this event was, in the Soviets’ own words, a “deny your enemy an enemy” tactic, taken directly from the pages of Sun Tzu’s Art of War – the inspiration of most Soviet military doctrine. Gorbachev himself used these exact words, in a seminar held at the Heritage Foundation a few years ago.

In short, the Soviet Union never fell. It transformed its appearance dramatically, but only superficially, in a shrewd strategic move that tricked Western policy makers into unilateral disarmament. Democrats rejoiced at the excuse this “victory” provided to gut our military, while Republicans rejoiced at being able to take credit for “winning” the Cold War. Both parties rejoiced about spending the elusive “peace dividend” and dismissed shouts of warning from those few analysts willing to make them. We declared ourselves the winner and went home, neither party daring to risk even a cursory examination of the circumstances surrounding this surprise event, for fear of what the blatantly obvious must force them to confront.

Policy makers seem to live in a never-never land of fanciful imagination that willfully ignores the continued march of communism across the globe, with countries falling under its spell at, if anything, an increased rate. Communism is dead, but Venezuela and Bolivia recently fell to communist regimes. Looks like ole Danny Boy Ortega may be making a comeback in Nicaragua too. Communism died, but Columbia has a vibrant communist insurgency, as does Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many other countries. Communist China refuses to go away, as do Cuba and North Korea, where rumors of those regimes' impending demise have been, as usual, greatly exaggerated.

After the “fall” of communism, communists consolidated their control of Angola when we declared ourselves the “victors” and abandoned Jonas Savimbi’s anticommunist guerillas in the field, only to see them utterly wiped out shortly thereafter. The same communist Angolan government remains in power today. Rashid Dostum, a key leader of Afghanistan’s “Northern Alliance” is, and always has been, Russia’s man in Afghanistan. He was left there in charge of the Soviet-backed Afghan Army after the Soviets went home and continued to wreak havoc until the Taliban chased him out. In yet another demonstration of our interminable brilliance, American policy makers allowed him to become Deputy Defense Minister in the new Karzai government, guaranteeing a behind-the-scenes Soviet Communist role in Afghanistan’s future.

In short, since the so-called "fall" of the Soviet Union, communist movements have, if anything, blossomed. And nowhere is the resilient strength of the communist movement more apparent than here at home, where communist inspired ideas and spokespeople dominate the media, educational establishments, churches, civic organizations and politics. It’s high time we recognized that these people are our enemies!

With Islamic Jihad, the Soviet Union found the ideal vehicle to continue its war with the West, while continuing to uphold the myth of their demise. A large population of ignorant, unemployed, discouraged, disenfranchised, naïve Muslim youths has provided fertile ground for recruitment into what can only be described as the consummate false flag operation. Jihadists believe they are fighting to create a worldwide Muslim Caliphate, because they are recruited by Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda and other recognized Muslim terror groups. But in fact they are doing the dirty work of the Soviets, just as countless surrogates have in the past.

It is no coincidence that North Korea chooses this time to provoke the West with nuclear tests, while Iran flouts world demands to halt nuclear research and Muslim terrorists everywhere threaten the West. These provocations are a deception we have bought, guaranteeing that when the time arrives, our eyes will be riveted on the wrong enemy. And I feel that time is approaching fast. The Soviets are moving to reassert themselves on the world stage. We cannot hope to win if we don’t even know who the enemy is. We must recognize this, now!

Do we have a fighting chance? I am not optimistic in any circumstances, but of one thing I am certain. Our chances will drop to virtually zero if in next week’s Midterm elections, we choose Democrats to run Congress. While Republican leaders have not been everything we would like, they do remain responsive, and many are at least aware that we are under threat. Also, Republican philosophy is by nature more open to new ideas.

By contrast, the Democrats are forcefully determined to impose their Socialist agenda on us. This agenda has shown itself to be an unqualified failure despite fifty years and countless trillions of taxpayer dollars worth of effort—ample time and resources for it to prove otherwise. Furthermore, many of these same people are working—covertly and some not so covertly—to bring about the very communist victory the Soviets have sought since 1917. Calling them the “Treason Party” as Ann Coulter has, is scarcely an exaggeration.

We may no longer be able to strangle the Bolshevik baby in its crib, as Winston Churchill so colorfully recommended long ago, but we can at least temporarily forestall its metastasized descendants in the Democrat party from wreaking more havoc than they already have. Vote Republican this November 7th!