Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Article on CASA de Maryland!

Many of you may wonder where I have been for the past six months or so. Obviously I have not been writing much publicly. One of the major efforts I have been involved in is a report being issued today at Accuracy in Media (http://www.aim.org/). This report documents the abusive and corrupt nature of a very influential illegal immigrant advocacy organization known as CASA de Maryland.

At about 4,500 words, the report is an abbreviated version of the full study. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing portions of that broader study that could not be included due to space constraints.

Please read the AIM report. It documents the corrosive effects the illegal alien issue is having on our government and society. Illegal immgration must be stopped, pure and simple, or we will be subjugated in our own country by people and organizations who have no regard for Constitutional limits on power, and hold our nation and people in marked contempt.