Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Clear Signs Our Children Won't Enjoy All We've Enjoyed

By Jeff Gardner
Right for a Reason

Mexico is a mess. More than a mess, really.

It's a burning high rise of a nation.

It's on fire from top to bottom – from border to border. North to south.

Mexico's mix of corruption, crime, wealth, and poverty should make any thinking person north of the Rio Grande shudder about its future. And ours.

Within its city limits, Mexico City's population is just under 9 million people. But there is little to that number because wrapped like a constrictor around the city is an suburban morass of 12 million more citizens. At nearly 22 million, Mexico City's metro-area population is the third largest of its kind in the world.

Roughly, it's like have 22 million people in an area the size of Albuquerque's metro-area and Santa Fe's metro area combined. You think there's a lot of space there until you consider that we're talking about two Chicagos and a Houston set in that same space.

You get the idea. Mexico City is crowded. With the population comes pollution and an aquifer that become so depleted the city is sinking. Projections for Mexico City's water supply running dry run from dire to doom – 20 years to 60 years.

Even Mexico's population demographics are screwy. There are tons of old people and tons of young people. The old are probably settled in and used to what Mexico has to offer, or not offer as the growing case might be. But the young? With nothing but misery promised them by a government happy to pass off its problems to us, is it any wonder they'll do anything to get into our little slice of Heaven?

And here's thing. It not like there's not money in Mexico – the richest person on earth is Mexican Carlos Slim Helu. Big money in Mexico if you own the phone company and other nifty telecom interests. (Note:'s picture of Helu is not flattering. If you're worth $55.3 billion you can afford to trim the hair on your ears. I'm serious here.)

So is this coming into focus? We live right next to trouble. Growing trouble. Miserable, Book of Revelations-type trouble. We read about it daily. The violence and crime – bordering on outright war between the drug cartels and the government today – routinely spills over into our country.

So you might think that over the course of the recent visit of Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the White House, our president might put a little fire under the butt of said Mexican president and ask him to start addressing their nation's problems.

Nope. As we've learned, in Obama World the United States is the progenitor of every single problem on the globe today. All of the world is filled with good, healthy, non-aggressive, peace-loving citizens. Obama, I suspect, wakes each morning and sighs, “Well, another a day as leader of the Devil's spawn.”

At least that's what I assume when he declares Arizona's attempt to protect its citizens and legal immigrants an act of “bad government.”

“We (the United States) are not defined by our borders,” Obama proclaimed.
Does this sound like a man you want leading your sovereign nation? Honestly? In context, out of context, as a non sequitur, his proclaimation was absurd, borderline (pun intended) traitorous.

Today nearly half of the people locked up for violent crimes in New Mexico are illegal aliens, according to information compiled from Homeland Security and FBI reports. Nearly 90% of the murder warrants issued in Albuquerque alone are for illegal aliens.

The numbers are staggering. The numbers for Arizona are equally bad. The numbers for California are worse.

We, the American people, are not the problem here, Mr. President. But increasingly it's looking like you and your Administration are.