Saturday, March 27, 2010

Patriot Manifesto

It is way past time that we recognize the dangers the radical left poses to our continued viability as a nation. If we are to have any chance of saving this country, we must confront and tackle the difficult issues immediately at hand. The first step of course is to replace Congress with substantial majorities of dedicated conservative patriots this fall.

It is not enough however, to merely “throw the bums out.” We must recognize that radical leftist politicians are but the tip of the iceberg and represent a domestic political movement deeply entrenched throughout our institutions that is dedicated to the destruction of our country. This movement, this ideology and its practitioners must be identified, confronted and stopped in their tracks.

This is a matter for both the law and the political system. But the law is impotent without political support, and that support can only be obtained from brave, principled and dedicated public servants who both understand the magnitude of the problem and are willing to deal with it directly. With this in mind, we present the Patriot Manifesto.

Signers of the manifesto, hopefully millions of Republicans, Independents, and maybe even some Democrats, would take a pledge to support only candidates and organizations who agree to make at least some of the following issues their national priorities. Such agreement would have to be verifiable, either by public statements of support, or by signing the Manifesto. This Manifesto will apply to candidates running at all levels of government. Following are the necessary actions:


1. Repeal all onerous legislation Obama has signed, starting with Obamacare, but all the other legislation as well, such as the Kennedy Serve America Act, hate crimes legislation, and Cap and Trade, should that pass.

2. Repeal all bailout legislation signed by this president and rescind all monies not yet spent. Release banks, automobile manufacturers and other industries from all restrictions imposed by Obama and Congress. Revoke lucrative deals with unions made by Obama.

3. Repeal all laws, including those contained in the 2010 Appropriations bill that provide funding for radical organizations like ACORN, the ACLU, the National Council of La Raza, CAIR and other radical groups.

4. Issue immediate call to investigate these organizations under the auspices of the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statutes or other applicable federal law.

5. Repeal the Community Reinvestment Act and all supporting legislation. This destructive law was designed to undermine our financial system by forcing financial institutions to abandon sound lending practices in the interest of wealth redistribution.

6. Repeal any tax increases enacted under Obama. Enact immediate broad-based tax relief; including making all Bush tax cuts permanent. Support immediate 3 – 6 month tax holiday.

7. Immediately open all domestic oil and gas sources to exploration/drilling. Immediately abolish restrictions against development of nuclear power and construction of new power plants. Support defendants in legal challenges brought by environmental groups with full force of Justice Department.

8. Return subsequent years' appropriations to pre-2010 levels.

9. Support increased military funding. Reauthorize funds for continued development and fielding of nationwide missile defense shield. Support funds for revitalizing aging ballistic missile systems. Support increase in fleet size, air force size and especially, the standing army. Loosen restrictions on rules of engagement. Demand investigation of those government officials, newspapers and private individuals whose treasonous activities – such as revelations about the terrorist wiretapping program – damaged national security.

10. Launch investigations into alleged massive vote fraud conducted in 2008 elections and demand responses to critical unanswered questions:

  • Investigate alleged illegal collusion between ACORN, Obama campaign, labor and other organizations.
  • Investigate activities of convicted insider trader George Soros and his philanthropic organizations regarding their current activities and their inordinate influence in the 2008 and prior elections.
  • Demand immediate release of all records pertaining to questionable overseas contributions and domestic bundling operations conducted by the Obama Campaign.
  • Demand immediate release of birth certificate, college and health records for President Obama. We want to know what his qualifications are.
11. Demand GENUINE comprehensive immigration reform, including:

  • Repeal Motor Voter Law.
  • Demand release of funds appropriated for border fence and support immediate construction. Pen legislation to extend and strengthen fence for entire border.
  • Repatriate all illegal foreign nationals in the U.S. that have been identified, including those currently in U.S. jails.
  • Draft legislation outlawing anchor babies and repeal all federal laws that support the illegal immigrant community in any way - repeal funding the National Council of La Raza and similar organizations that serve specifically immigrant communities.
  • Take aggressive efforts against asylum states: deny block grants and other federal funding unless and until they begin enforcing the law.
  • Investigate, arrest and punish state/local officials who willfully promote illegal immigrant asylum within their states in defiance of federal and state law.
  • Advocate for legislation codifying English as the official language of the United States.

12. Sign a statement of philosophy that recognizes the superiority of a free, minimally taxed and regulated market and limited government as delineated by the U.S. Constitution. Take a pledge to work towards restoring America to that ideal, including support of judicial nominees who believe in Judicial restraint. That the Judiciary's role is to interpret the Constitution not rewrite it.


1. Support across the board tax cuts.

2. Sign resolution taking back states' rights under the 10th Amendment.

3. Cut wasteful spending and remove onerous regulations.

4. Aggressively enforce laws on illegal immigration.

5. Repeal any state laws that provide assistance to illegal immigrants.


1. Support across the board tax cuts.

2. Support smaller government, less regulation.

3. Support federal, state and local efforts against illegal immigration.

3. Take pledge to cut essential services (fire and police) last, not first.

Signatories of this manifesto would agree not to contribute to any political candidate or organization that does not express unequivocal support for this manifesto. For example, should the RNC decide not to make these items priorities, we tell the RNC that they don’t get any of our money. If they agree however, we in turn must honor our side of the bargain by contributing as generously as we can afford.

A printable version of this manifesto can be found HERE.