Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lord Monckton: Global Warming Hero

Our Western society and its freedoms nurture an intangible that terrifies despots everywhere. That intangible is the human spirit. In the past, despite seemingly insurmountable barriers and desperately long odds, the American people have risen to the occasion and defeated enemies, wiped out diseases and met any number of national calamities with virtue and innovation.

That spirit is visible in the Tea Party movement and the widespread protests that have accompanied the Obama administration's naked attempts to socialize our country. And with the "Global Warming" movement threatening to impose its own form of income redistribution, it is deeply satisfying to see people rising up in defense of our country, our culture and way of life against the lunacy of the environmental reds. One such hero is Lord Christopher Monckton.

Lord Monckton has been on a virtually nonstop campaign over the last few years educating people about the realities of "Global Warming" and the chicanery and fraud surrounding it. He is on a mission and will talk to anyone about it, even stooping to an interview with your humble servant. Despite vicious attacks, Monckton has maintained both decorum and a sense of humor, something the left seems constitutionally incapable of. He devastates his enemies in the global warming thugocracy with facts and humor.

In his latest video, he names some of the chief names behind the "Climategate" scandal and explains the manner in which each has skewed, buried, or even replaced the facts with their own cooked statistics. This video is only 1/2 hour long, but worth every minute.

Latest indications suggest the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty may be defeated. If this happens, we can thank Lord Monckton for his part in saving us from it.