Sunday, September 06, 2009

One Despicable, Subhuman Boil on the Face of the Earth Down, 43 More to Go

We are having an effect! Van Jones, the (admitted) radical communist "Green Jobs" Czar resigned today. Glenn Beck has been given the credit for almost singlehandedly slapping him down. Glenn should get credit, along with all the other talk show hosts and bloggers who pounded the airwaves with this information.

BUT WHO FIRST GOT THE INFORMATION THAT BECK AND OTHERS USED??? The unsung hero in this episode is the person who brought Jones' radical background to light, a man - not even an American - who labors night and day with NO remuneration and rarely any recognition for his titanic efforts, a man I am proud to call my friend: Trevor Loudon. Please visit his blog, New Zeal, and show your appreciation with a donation.

FYI, it was also Trevor who first discovered that the infamous "Frank" in Obama's "Dreams of My Father" book, was communist Frank Marshall Davis. Trevor has done more work on Obama's radical roots than probably anyone else in the world, and he receives scant recognition for it.

I can speak for a grateful America in saying: Congratulations Trevor! You the man! You the man! Your diligent efforts were the critical link in bringing this scumbag down.

One despicable, subhuman boil on the face of the earth down, 43 more to go. I would add here that while Jones may be the only admitted communist in Obama's administration, most of the others have merely neglected to admit it.