Monday, June 01, 2009

New Zeal Blog Nails Obama Hawaii/Chicago Communist Nexus

A man I am proud to call my friend, Trevor Loudon of New Zeal Blog, has done incredible work ferreting out little-known facts about Obama and his myriad connections to the American Communist Party (CPUSA). I have quoted his work extensively in my Manufactured Crisis series.

In his latest post, "Obama File 78, Hard Evidence! Proof that Obama's Hawaii and Chicago Communist Networks Were Linked?" Trevor provides convincing evidence that Obama moved to Chicago specifically to take advantage of Frank Marshall Davis' communist connections in that city. Following is a concluding paragraph that summarizes the gist of the article:
Frank Marshall Davis works closely in communist causes with Vernon Jarrett [A prominent communist journalist] in Chicago. Davis moves to hawaii where he eventually meets and mentors a young Barack Obama. Then Obama moves to Chicago where his career is promoted by both Davis's old colleague Vernon Jarrett and the Communist Party. Vernon Jarrett's daughter-in-law [Valerie Jarrett] employs Barack Obama's fiance, befriends the family and becomes one of President Obama's most trusted advisors. The Communist Party throws its entire weight behind Obama's presidential campaign.

Are we expected to believe that this is all mere coincidence?

I urge you to read this post and as many of his others as you can. After reading these articles, no person with a functioning brain will be able to deny Obama's deep commitment to the communist cause.