Thursday, April 30, 2009

All The World is Their Stage

I haven't posted in a while but somebody asked me yesterday why Obama and the Democrats are wantonly ruining our country. What do they hope to achieve, to gain? What motivates them?

It is a pivotal question and this post from The Return of Scipio answers it more succinctly than I have read elsewhere or written to date. A great read all the way through. He ends with this stingingly accurate summary:

The grand design of all these teeming intellectuals all over the globe is to create a world system where they and their type sit at all the tables of governance, control all the levers of power and distribute all the world’s wealth. Obama sees himself at the head of this motley throng. It is obvious that these types have no particular loyalty to any particular geographic area. Obama himself has nothing particularly American about him. Search all you like but in him you will find no Jefferson or Madison. He is really a citizen of that transnational body of intellectuals that imagines the entire world as its proper stage and the rest of us as mere bit players in its grandiose drama. The members of this elite regard the entire earth as part of their rightful inheritance and desire a world government composed of themselves.

The rest of us simply don't matter.