Friday, February 06, 2009

Three People Have Just Ruined this Country

All it takes is a few...

Republican Senators Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter committed treason tonight. That’s right, out and out treason. They took it upon themselves, these three megalomaniacal, mindless, bloated egos, to spit in the face of the entire Republican Party, virtually the whole economics profession and 67 percent of the American people, to give Senate Democrats enough votes to pass Obama’s monstrous “stimulus” bill.


This bill will NOT stimulate the economy. This bill will NOT create new private sector jobs. This bill will NOT help our current situation. It will destroy this country. This bill is a PAYOFF to Obama’s corrupt supporters at ACORN and in the UNIONS, the rest is a laundry list of Democrat pork and pie-in-the-sky projects that will only bear fruit YEARS down the road, if at all! The tax provisions are paltry crumbs tossed to fools like you who think compromise is more important than content! Are you INSANE? You are IDIOTS!

In one fell swoop you will have increased the current deficit to over $2 trillion! That is almost three quarters of last year’s total federal spending of $2.7 trillion. In one fell swoop you will have mortgaged our future, set us up for spiraling inflation, while cementing the corrupt Democrat Party in power. And there will be a lot more where this came from if they have anything to say about it. Now thanks to you they will have LOTS more to say.

The websites of these three bottomless nitwits are astonishing in their transparency. Olympia Snowe brags that she worked as a: “consensus-builder to develop bipartisan compromise…” What “consensus?” WHAT BIPARTISAN COMPROMISE? Only two other Republicans agreed!!

She goes on breathlessly to report that: “during a one-on-one meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama, Senator Snowe discussed the shortcomings of the legislation…”

No, wait! With the Messiah himself?!? One on one?!??


Did you actually get to speak with Him?

The only compromise, Senator was you. And that only because you put yourself in a compromising position. You mindless, despicable, arrogant, self-centered fool!

Susan Collins is even more transparent. At least she got something out of the deal: a seat on the all powerful Appropriations Committee, where she will get to dole out the pork with the best of them. No doubt after picking through this encyclopedia-sized bill, we will find that the $1 trillion “stimulus” will stimulate folks in her neck of the woods, never mind what happens to the rest of us poor sots!

Arlen Specter, meanwhile has helped pass a bill providing tax relief only for companies who use migrant workers! GREAT! So now we have the illegal immigrant faction covered. I know all those mushroom farms in Kennett Square, PA, and the hundred or so migrant farm workers they hire are important to you, Senator, but how does that help the economy?!?

In your entire ignoble career, Senator, you have proven yourself treacherous, two-faced and destructive. But this takes the cake. With friends like you in the Republican Party, who needs enemies? Indeed, with friends like you in the U.S. Senate, the American people don’t need enemies.

So we have ACORN, the Unions, the poor, and now the illegal immigrants – the Democrat voting base, in other words. Who have we missed?

I doubt if the Democrats missed anyone in that bill. How could they? No matter, there’s always next year. As long as you have a few gullible, ignorant Republicans to give you cover.

This Bill is literally the worst legislation I have seen since I began paying attention to Congress over twenty years ago. And unless Republicans pull off a miracle in conference, this bill is a done deal. Expect to see it passed in the dead of night. As it was, the Senate chose Friday evening to pass this latest version. The final markup will likely make it to the White House for signature under cover of darkness. That’s the way they do things in Washington when they don’t want you to see what’s in it.

This legislation will destroy this economy and create a tangled web of new problems that Democrats will solve with – you guessed it – MORE spending. And you have assured us that Republicans will be unable to stop it.

Will somebody please turn off the lights on the way out?