Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NEWSFLASH! Caterpillar Will Rehire if "Stimulus" Passes!

Obama announced today that Caterpillar’s CEO told him they would rehire some of the 22,000 workers they recently laid off if the "stimulus" bill passes.

What exhilarating news! Fantastic!

But wait.

We pass the "stimulus," in return for which we get some of those folks back to work? Oh heck, let's be generous and hire 'em all back.

Let me see... Stimulus = $838 billion, that's $838,000,000,000 (the current Senate version anyway. No doubt it will be bigger) divided by 22,000? That comes to $38 million ($38,090,909.09 to be exact) per employee.

I'm applying for a job right now!

No! I know! Just kidding.

Obama is going to "save or create" 4 million jobs with this "Stimulus." How does he know which?

I feel so much better. That comes to a mere $209 thousand per job.

The pay is so good! Why don't we all go to work for Obama?

Oh that's right, we're going to.