Tuesday, November 04, 2008

To All Americans: Please Read This!

Family, Friends, Acquanitances and Fellow Americans:

Please read what I have to say here. As the election draws near, the information (and lack thereof) on Barack Obama should make his candidacy more and more questionable, no matter your party registration. He has a polished delivery, but what he is actually saying is of grave concern to me, and should be to you as well.

I have studied this guy from beginning to end. There are still many things no one knows about him. For example: what happened during his years at Columbia University, if he actually did attend Columbia? We don't even know that for sure. No one knows and he won't tell. No college transcripts, no professors, no classmates, no information about how he paid for it, nothing. Even the few details he offers in his book "Dreams from my Father" do not match what little is known. No person graduating in those years remembers him. Nothing. Is there no one who thinks this odd? Are we not entitled to know who our candidate for President is?

It now appears he knew radical Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers as far back as 1987 and possibly 1983. This is very important. Obama was from the very beginning, a willing participant in radical politics. He was a member of the New Party, formed of communist party USA members, Democratic Socialists of America members, and ACORN people. The New Party got him in office the first time. Most of the people he associated with, helped him initiate his career, and support him to this day, were former SDS and or Weather Underground types. This is the true significance of the Ayers connection.

His economic policy prescriptions for our current crisis are very similar to those of FDR. For those of you who do not know economic history, the reason the Great Depression lasted until 1941 was because FDR kept imposing draconian tax, monetary policy and price controls that put the economy into a nose dive every time it started to recover. It would have recovered in 1933 without his awful programs. Obama is promising the same. No one in the mass media has reported this fact either: upper level income earners who saved with the Bush tax cuts will have to pay some or all of them back, retroactively to 2000! This is in Obama's tax policy on his website.

On tax policy he is promising something he otherwise can't and won't deliver. Almost half the population pays no income taxes, so giving a cut to 95% is impossible. The bottom 50% of taxpayers pay only 3% of total income taxes. The top 10% already pay 70%. What he will do is reduce or remove tax liability from that 3% of taxpayers in the bottom 50%. The Democrats' goal for years now has been to completely remove the tax liability for the bottom half of income earners, and then a few over that mark, in order to guarantee themselves a reliable 50+% of the voting electorate every time. Should they succeed in doing this, those of us who are in the top 50% will wind up paying all the taxes and over time have less and less to say in electoral politics to that point where we will essentially be powerless hosts to a parasitic underclass that feeds off us at will.

This is why Obama made the 95% promise. He is telling us what the real plan is. He will reduce or remove Social Security taxes on the lower half who currently pay no income tax but still must pay FICA, and proportionately increase them on the upper half, while removing the last vestiges of income taxation for the lower half. These are peope with the least sophistication regarding policy issues and the most to gain by voting themselves new benefits. The endpoint will be mob rule.

As any economist worth his salt will tell you, redistributing income from high income earners to low income earners reduces overall economic growth and over time, impoverishes everyone. But increasing taxes during a recession will send it deeper. As it stands now we are tottering on the edge of a major downturn. Obama's economic policies will kick us over the edge.

If you peruse the Socialist and Communist Party websites, you will see they are all aquiver with the prospects of an Obama election. The Socialists even brag that it is their ground game, with their many Obama volunteers, that has shaped Obama's strategy.

Finally, I must observe that this has been an unprecedented electoral season, unprecedented in the level of fraud, dirty tricks, voter intimidation and other tactics the Obama campaign has used. Hillary's own chief counsel sent the Obama campaign a letter in January accusing them of fraudulent voting tactics (by busing in out-of-state supporters to vote in caucus states), harassment and intimidation of Hillary supporters.

Obama's staff deliberately reset the credit card standards on its website that allowed the campaign to illegally charge campaign donations using stolen credit cards and charge donor's cards multiple times without permission. The Obama campaign worked with ACORN and paid an ACORN subsidiary almost $1 million in get-out-the-vote efforts, then failed to report it to the FEC as required by law. ACORN's fraudulent voter registration efforts this year have been unprecedented.

The Obama campaign has accepted at least tens of millions of dollars from overseas donors, the legality of which has not been established. Most of their unprecedented campaign collections have been through small donations of $200 or less. Many of these have been bundled, further obscuring their source. Many more small donors have donated huge sums, way outside their capacity to earn. Many of these people have also acted as bundlers. It seems clear that this is not a demontration of support but rather a concerted effort to circumvent donation limits in an organized, planned fashion.

You have likely heard little of this because the mass media has kept a tight lid on such stories, knowing they would irreparably damage his prospects.

I have to ask you: if Barack Obama and his crowd are so willing to engage in such massive, nationwide fraud when he is simply a candidate, and the media is willing to look the other way, HOW WILL THEY BEHAVE ONCE THEY ARE IN POWER???

Please, please, I am asking you as a friend, a family member and a fellow concerned citizen.