Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Have Passed

since the morning I got a call from a friend telling me to turn on the TV. Only one tower had been hit at that time. Random thoughts took me back in history to the long-ago day a B-25 flew into the Empire State building. Low visibility, poor weather, bad navigation. That one was an accident. I am a pilot, so clear sky, no airline traffic, no erratic flight movements, only one conclusion: terrorism. Then the second plane hit.

Was there any real surprise? That day, that time? Yes. But upon reflection, no. I, and doubtless many others, was certain they would try again. Those two towers standing defiantly after the 1993 bombing were almost like an invitation to the terrorists. But this was planned, carefully planned. Lots of coordination, lots of forethought, lots of assistance. Stateless terrorists? A complete red herring, tossed up by know-nothing, do-nothing, leftist Bill Clinton, to cover his ass for doing what he did best: nothing. And he did, for seven more years and many more terrorist acts against our country, nothing.

On September 12, a letter I wrote to the Washington Post was actually published. In it I stated that this crime against humanity, this appalling tragedy, was the direct consequence of a thirty years' effort by Congressional Democrats to destroy our national intelligence capability; a thirty years' effort to sap our national will while imposing their imbecilic foreign and defense policies that left us both stupid and defenseless. "You liberal Democrats have blood on your hands!" I shouted.

I also stated that this was likely the work of hostile foreign intelligence agencies. Alas, the Post only published that part of it. No mention of blood on their hands. No fault. No remorse. Space considerations, don't you know.

Well now it is seven years later, and the DEMOCRATS ARE STILL AT IT!!! Despite our suffering, despite the destruction, despite the repeated threats, these despicable cretins in our nation's capital have relentlessly pursued their War Against America. And they have made it unutterably clear by chosing as their standard bearer in the upcoming election, a neophyte with no experience, who's only claim to fame is that he "opposes the war." And he wasn't even in the Senate long enough to prove it with a vote!

Middle East terrorists have lined up to endorse him. The terrorists LOVE the Democrats. And why shouldn't they? They are their greatest allies. Liberal Democrats have sought to undermine, sabotage and destroy a sitting President's foreign policy at every turn, while championing a foreign policy of unfathomable stupidity, naivete and irresponsibility.

Overshadowing the unspeakable charade of Democrat patriotic pretensions, left in the closet to be dusted off for occasions like today, is a solemn silence: that of the victims of 9-11. But there is another silence as well, and it is deafening. It is the silence of those same partisans who refuse to acknowledge that without their help, indeed, in spite of their best efforts, this President, this military, and this country have prevented any similar attack from occurring here since. I am waiting to hear their thanks.

By their fruits ye shall know them.