Monday, June 25, 2007

Video of Lawyers Discussing How to Disqualify U.S. Workers to get Green Cards for Immigrants

The video linked below from Hot Air shows lawyers at a convention explaining how to legally disqualify U.S. workers in favor of immigrants, the purpose of which is to obtain green cards for the illegals. These people are in business to provide green cards and explain how they can be obtained legally through a very careful process of weeding out U.S. citizen applicants for jobs.

This is the kind of thing leftists and other ignorant people ridicule as "conspiracy theory paranoia," "right-wing propaganda," and other similar smears. But there are industries, literally, devoted to destroying this country in this and other ways. These people are not part of any conspiracy as such, only using what they see as loopholes in law to make a living satisfying a demand. Are they unethical? Indisputably. But the real problem is with the laws that allow such abuse to occur, and a political and law enforcement establishment unwilling to even discourage, let alone vigorously punish, such unethical, immoral and clearly destructive behavior. Read the story and watch the video here:

Lawyers Instructing Their Fellows on How to Get Green Cards for Clients by Disqualifying U.S. Workers