Monday, December 11, 2006

Ominous Signs for 2008

By Jim Simpson

You read it first here two weeks ago when I warned that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would run for President on a third party ticket. Newsmax reported today that both Republican and Democrat political strategists are now saying that, despite his denials, Bloomberg may run.

As I indicated in my earlier article, the whole thing stinks of a setup. Earlier this year, Bloomberg began telling anyone who would listen that he wouldn't run. What was the point? Nobody of any consequence had asked him. The obvious purpose was to draw attention to himself. The media jumps all over it when any politician mentions the words "Presidential candidate." Then the conjecture begins. "Who is this guy?" "Would he make a good president?" "Why won't he run?" It's free publicity! And the conflicting messages still coming from the Bloomberg camp guarantee to keep the speculation in the news.

A recent article in Rolling Stone made a revealing comment about Bloomberg (emphases all mine):

In recent months he has become the GOP's loudest and fiercest internal critic. He calls the Republican position on stem-cell research "insanity," derides the party's gun-control legislation in Congress as "god-awful" and says of conservative plans for illegal immigrants, "We're not going to deport 12 million people, so let's stop this fiction." Thanks to his loud attacks on partisanship in Washington, he has begun to be talked about as a third-party candidate for president. Here, supporters say, is a man who can bridge the blue-red divide: the Republican mayor of the nation's biggest and bluest city, a fiscal conservative who is liberal on social issues, a power broker on a crusade against the establishment, a billionaire who spends what for a man of his class must be an unseemly amount of time in the Bronx. He is coming to seem, more and more, like the Republican equivalent of Sen. Joe Lieberman: a man seemingly out of place in his own party.
"...loudest critic?" "...bridge the blue-red divide?" "...out of place in his own party?" Give me a break! Well, actually, he is a man out of place in the Republican party, but that's because he's never been a Republican! He was a lifelong Democrat who switched parties merely because he thought it would help him get elected mayor. I will repeat my earlier warning: this guy is not to be trusted. He is not a Republican, never has been, and will only be too happy to help a fellow Leftist like Hillary Clinton get elected by splitting the ticket a la Ross Perot.

Steel yourself mentally. For the next two years you are going to be treated to an array of hype, misinformation, propaganda and lies such as the world has never seen. But never lose sight of the purpose. All will be directed toward one overriding goal: securing the Presidency for Comrade Hillary. This sideshow with Bloomberg is just act one of the gameplan.

I predict he will run on a third party ticket. Do not believe a word of it when any pundit, whether Republican or Democrat, tells you that could cut either way, potentially hurting either party. It won't. Democrats always side with the Party. Republicans are the only ones who can be goaded in large numbers down the Independent path. A third party candidacy by Michael Bloomberg will be part and parcel of the massive effort already underway to elect America's first genuine communist.

I will tell you something else you are being prepped for as we speak. That is a Vice-presidency for Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The sycophantic media fuss over him is act two in the "Elect Hillary" drama. He will not run for President, or if he does, will lose in the primaries. He has neither the political experience or the intellectual firepower to pull it off. He knows it, Hillary knows it and the media knows it too. Their fawning over him is a deliberate setup. They are building him up like he is some kind of superhero now, so that when he backs out of the race, we will be relieved when Hillary taps him for VP. And the Dems will have their dream ticket: a woman and a black. Too bad they won't have America's welfare at heart.

Sound farfetched? Do not underestimate the degree to which the mass media and the Democrat party conspire to manipulate the voting public to their own ends these days. They were very effective in turning Republican mistakes to Democrats favor in this November's elections, despite Democrats blatant problems in the credibility and corruption departments. Their passionate goal now is to get a horrifying, totalitarian monster named Hillary Rodham Clinton elected. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Freelance writer Jim Simpson is a former White House staff economist and budget analyst (1987-1993). His writings have been published in the Washington Times, FrontPage Magazine, DefenseWatch, Soldier of Fortune and others.