Monday, July 03, 2006

Let's Have a Good Look at These Guys

Since Bill Keller, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. AKA "Pinch" (who once cheered the North Vietnamese communists torturing our POWs), and the good folks at the New York Times, don't mind publishing the home addresses of our Secretary of Defense and Vice President, I'm sure they won't mind having their addresses and other information published. Little "Pinch" is pictured above just so you don't get him confused with the local weasel. We don't want the weasel to get a bad name, do we? Look at that smug little twerp. Appears to be in his element, eh?

After all, "Pinch" and old Bill are really just two public spirited individuals, looking out for our "right to know" all this stuff that just happens to help the terrorists. It must help us too, or they wouldn't have published it, right? I have looked around a bit and Arthur Jr. appears not to want his information publicised. Now, I wonder why that is! But in case you want to drive by Papa Sulzberger's modest summer residence in Long Island's posh Hamptons, or better yet give him a call, to tell him how much you appreciate his son's work on his behalf, here's the info:

Arthur O. Sulzberger
Gin Lane
Southampton, NY 11968

Here's a link to a map too.

NYT editor Bill Keller's a little more elusive. Ditto for Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, who wrote the actual story. I wonder why! They live somewhere in the DC area, Lichtblau probably in the city and Risen outside, I would guess in McLean, VA or thereabouts. We do have a picture, in case you meet any of them on the street, you can show your appreciation for their efforts to get us all killed.
Editor Bill Keller (L), Journalists James Risen (C) and Eric Lichtblau (R).